The story is about a hot and sexy lady named Shikha who likes to live a lavish life, in her pursuit she marries a married widower man who also has a teenage daughter from his previous marriage. Shika marries the rich man and lives her life very happily until her step daughter finds out Shekhar who is Shikha’s boyfriend of many years . Shefali (Shikha’s Step Daughter) narrates her step mother’s wrog doingd to her father . He catch holds Shikha red handed with the man in his bedroom and then beats her up. Shika retaliates and pulls a trigger from her pistol .Her husband gets killed , Shefali tries to save her father but Shikha over power’s her and she suffocates her to death . Shikha then tries to put the dead bodies in a secluded place with the help of her boyfriend. How does Shefali take her revenge with the help of her boyfriend is the crux of the story .

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