When Saanjh’s father sends her away to live with her grandmother in a remote village, she feels dejected and tries to escape. However with time as her bond with her grandmother becomes stronger, her understanding of home changes. Set in the beautiful Kullu valley in Himachal Pradesh, Saanjh follows the journey of a 16-year-old girl from Chandigarh named Saanjh (Sanju), who becomes the victim of cyber crime. Instead of supporting his daughter, her father sends her away to their ancestral home in a remote village to live with her grandmother. Isolated and dejected, Sanju is unable to cope up with the village life where she encounters an imbecile house guest, Jonga, with whom she has a rough start. As time passes, however, she finds solace in his company and with him hatches a plan to raise just enough money to escape from the village and return to her home in the city. Meanwhile, Sanju gradually begins to understand her grandmother’s pain of living a secluded life and they bond over being ostracized by the man who failed to be a good son and father at the same time. When Sanju’s grandmother falls sick, the film captures that unforgettable Saanjh (dusk) when twilight dissolves into the darkness of loss and despair.

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