Dr. Sovac transplants the brain of a gangster into his professor friend’s body to save his life, but there is a side effect that causes a dangerous split personality. Sovac, however, is a very talented brain surgeon, and he decides to perform an emergency brain transplant. He uses (part of?) the brain of Red Cannon to fix Kingsley. It comes out later that Cannon had half a million dollars hidden somewhere, and Sovac decides to find it somehow. Sovac suggests to the recuperating Kingsley that they go on a trip to New York, where Cannon used to live. Kingsley says he’s been having angry outbursts, which is unlike him; he’s completely unaware that he has Cannon inside him. When they get to NYC, Kingsley acts as if he’s been at that hotel before, but he really hasn’t. Could he have some of Cannon’s memories? He recognizes several of the people at the nightclub, although he’s never been to the city before. When Kingsley goes to sleep, Sovac calls for Red Cannon, and Red answers. He’s got darker hair and looks a lot younger, but it’s the same actor. Once he realizes that he’s got a new face that no one knows, Red sneaks out and kills a man, Devore, one of those who shot at his car. The next night, he does the same to Kane, another of the four men, but this time, Sovac is watching from a few cars behind. Karloff does a good job as another tired old scientist, Stanley Ridges is great as the dual-personality mobster, and Bela Lugosi has the worst New York gangster accent I’ve ever heard and is completely wasted here. Supposedly, Karloff was to have played George and Red, but he couldn’t pull off the gangster side of things very well, so they shifted all the parts around.

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