Three girls searching for love”, “The Best Of Everything”, brought this lush romantic story of three American secretaries in Rome looking for “Mr. Right”. By tossing coins into the famed Trevi fountain, each hopes they will find him. Unfortunately, none of the roads they take run smooth. Newly arrived Maria Williams (the tragic Maggie McNamara), becomes interested in playboy Prince Dino di Cessi (the ever-suave Louis Jourdan), but feels that deception is the only way to win his heart; Anita Hutchins (the svelte Jean Peters) becomes involved with aspiring lawyer and translator Georgio Bianchi (Rossanno Brazzi), but when Maria inadvertently lets it slip to their boss that the two are involved, Anita is fired for violating the company rule about dating coworkers; and Miss Frances (the always warm Dorothy McGuire), has long had a seeming unrequited love for the writer for whom she works, John Frederick Shadwell (a miscast Clifton Webb). Will the promise of Italy and the legend of the Trevi fountain work its magic for the couples?

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