Jainya is happy in his job and as he is walking towards his office one fine day he finds a beautiful young girl. He instantly falls in love with her and starts day dreaming about her. When he comes back home his mother insists him to get married to the girl of her choice which Jainya doesn’t like, but later on he finds out that he is married to the same girl that he saw the other day .He finds this out only on the suhaagraat night .Finally Jainya’s suhaagraat happens and his life takes a fast forward to 5 years later with 2 kids and money issues. Jainya is trying hard to end his needs and trying his level best to stay away from people he burrowed money. Jainya loses his job but his wife is happy about it . Jainya’s brother in law enters the house to teach jainya new ways to make business .Jainya’s wife asks her brother to find a new job and he finds a new way to make money. He makes Jainya a pandit to conduct pooja at a rich man home. But incidentally it is Jainya’s ex boss home . Jainya tries all tricks to hide his face. While Jainya has now become a pandit he gets an assignment at a house where there is a ghost. The ghost tries to kill off them but jainya manages to convince the ghost to leave them alone. Jainya and brother in law open a new paani puri and kachori shop . They end up giving free food to all kinds of people instead of making money . They find making money very difficult on the road. After finding themselves in a difficult situation in Malegaon they decide to leave for Mumbai to find work . They come across a baba who makes money through his hacks. Jainya and gani decide to become a baba. Jainya finds odd people coming to him for help , eventually a woman comes who is frustrated with a man whom she doesn’t know . Jainya to take revenge gives a description of the man who had hit him. But the deadly man returns back to beat-up Jainya. Jainya and gani decide to become property brokers to sell a plot and end up again beaten up .They then decide to become Jainya Zahereela and Gani Hatela only to fall prey to police .In the finale episode of this season Jainya Zehreela and Gani Hatela have become very famous making money and taking supari but they finally fall prey to police officers and finally get beaten up. Jainya and Gani decide to go back home but will they go back home ?.

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