It has shown that a man (Akash) is smuggling gold and drugs. One day Police find out about it but Akash successfully escaped and he goes to a relative’s home. At the time of his return a girl named Riya also come with him. Akash wants to restart his business through Riya but he feels ashamed of himself to tell her. So he makes a plan with Riya’s friend (Jimmy) to convince Riya. What is the plan? Will Riya agree to them? In compulsion Riya agrees to Akash’s plan and she supplies gold to clients but gradually she falls in love with Jimmy and they decide to marry each other. So they inform to Akash about it. After 5 years later Riya returns from jail. She meets Akash. She gets to know that Akash has already married a woman (Sweety). Riya joins in Sweetie’s office. It has revealed that before meeting to Akash, Riya and Jimmy had already planned to expose him. So Riya comes to him and does everything as per their plan. Finally they succeed.

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