Our Town was a 1940 black and white drama starring a number of people. So this was an interesting film for a number of reasons, first and foremost is the excessive breaking of the 4th wall. Now look, I love a good breaking of the wall as much as anyone else (and nothing will ever top Hulk Hogan smashing down that 4th wall in Gremlins 2) but boy, they really stretch the rules here. And I get it: this was based on a famous play by American playwright Thornton Wilder which had won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, so maybe that idea was extended from the play, to build on audience involvement or whatever, but I found that a little unusual. So the film opens with a kindly old guy Frank Craven, who is sort of our guide through this story. Right off, he’s talking right to us, telling us about the town, about main street, the local churches and so on.

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