Story of a women whom the villagers call as Tonhi or Black magic woman. The superstitious beliefs of the villagers in central India.

In this 21st century, still there are people who believe in black magic and ghosts. Deep inside the state of Chhattisgarh there are women who practice black magic and believe that they can capture spirits of dead, they are known as Tonhis. A small village of central India is witnessing a epidemic where small children are suffering from illness and food poisoning. Dr. Kenneth Joyce comes from the city to inspect the village and is surprised to see the superstitious beliefs of the villagers. He is accompanied by Dr. Alex and Dr. Siah in his mission. Dr. Kenneth along with both the young doctors try to investigate the reasons for children becoming sick. Meanwhile a mad man from the village informs Dr. Kenneth that all the diseases are being cause by a black magic woman, the villagers call as Tonhi. Dr. Kenneth wants to see the rituals that Tonhi Practices.

What happens next is the Movie `The Dark Secrets of Tonhi all about. Will Dr. Kenneth come to know the real reason for the epidemic? is Tonhi the reason behind all this ? What happens when Dr. Kenneth meets Tonhi. A realistic movie with a pinch of Thrill and superstitious beliefs of the villagers.

The movie has J. Brandon Hill (actor of Bunti Aur Babli, Raaz 2, Double Dhamaal, Yaariyan) and Natasha Sikka (a Delhi based model) in the main lead. J. Brandon Hill plays an American Doctor. The movie has been made under the banner of ‘Find Studioz’, Mumbai and Rebecca Changkija & Ajay Najat is the producers of this movie. The writer & director of the movie is Shiraz Henry.

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